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You have the option of adding tabs to your pages. This is only recommended if you have several pages that will use the same tabs. If you only have one page with a set of tabs, it might be better for discoverability to change the tabs to menu items.

Tabs in YAML

To create a tabbed page, you just need to point the theme to the path of your first tab. This is the structure of the YAML configuration for this page and it’s siblings.

- title: Guides
- title: Configuration
path: /guides/configuration
- title: Shadowing
path: /guides/shadowing
- title: Styling
path: /guides/styling
- title: Navigation

File structure

Let’s check out the directory structure for this page. Notice how you’ll add another directory that corresponds with the one in the YAML file.

├── pages
│ └── guides
│ ├── configuration.mdx
│ ├── shadowing.mdx
│ ├── styling.mdx
│ └── navigation
│ ├── tabs.mdx
│ └── sidebar.mdx

Markdown updates

The last step is to add the name of your tabs to the front matter of each markdown file that has tabs.

title: Sidebar
tabs: ['Sidebar', 'Tabs']

Tabs with apostrophes

If your tab name contains an apostrophe, you only need to include the grammatically correct text in the frontmatter. Your file name and nav-items.yaml should not include the apostrophe.

title: Sidebar
tabs: ['Sidebar', "What’s new"]

For the “What’s new” tab above, the source file would be whats-new.mdx, and the path would look like /guides/navigation/whats-new.